Global Recruiting Partner Terms and Conditions
The following section serves to outline the terms and conditions of the Global Recruiting Partner’s (“GRP”) agreement. You are required to carefully read the following information, and confirm that you agree to adhere to these terms by submitting your signature.
  1. This Agreement is entered into specifically for the purpose of recruiting; interviewing, screening and orienting qualified candidates (“Candidates”) for the American Hospitality Academy (“AHA) program. In addition to recruiting, GRP will serve as the local contact and assist with, eligibility questions, application submission, program payment, program orientation, embassy troubleshooting, and in some cases, GRP may also help with travel booking.
  2. Candidates will be offered the AHA Program as outlined on the AHA website and will be issued the forms necessary to obtain the J-1 Visa as a part of the Department of State’s Exchange Visitor Program.
  3. AHA values our partnerships with our global representatives. AHA agrees to never sponsor or place a candidate presented to AHA by the GRP directly.
  4. GRP confirms its knowledge in all aspects of the J-1 program, including the J-1 regulations when submitting Candidates for this program. GRP has reviewed AHA’s website and the J-1 resource website containing J-1 regulations at
  5. For non J-1 Candidates, GRP confirms its knowledge of each program, including visa regulations and eligibility. GRP has reviewed AHA’s website and is knowledgeable of visa related websites for each of AHA’s non J-1 international placements.
  6. To assist GRP in being sufficiently trained in each of AHA programs, GRP is enrolled into AHA’s GRP World Campus learning site and is responsible for all information and resources available on this site.
  7. GRP will act as a representative of AHA by recruiting and interviewing Candidates from its designated country/area that in the GRP’s judgment are best qua lified to participate in the appropriate programs and meet the eligibility requirements.
  8. GRP will conduct in person or Skype interviews with all Candidates.
  9. GRP is responsible to assist Candidates in the application process, acceptance process and ensure the Candidate understands the following:
  10. GRP will be invoiced the appropriate fee as outlined in the AHA fee schedule and will be responsible for making payment on the Candidates behalf or assisting Candidate in making payment directly if applicable.
  11. GRP agrees they will be invoiced and they will be responsible for paying the drop out fee when applicable as outlined in the AHA Fee Schedule.
  12. GRP will communicate AHA’s special request policy and fee as outlined in the AHA Fee Schedule and will make certain the candidate understand this fee is due upon invoice.
  13. GRP will assist J-1 Candidate with SEVIS I-901 Fee, scheduling and the preparation of U.S. Embassy appointment and the travel & entry into the United States.
  14. For non J-1 programs, GRP will assist with the application for visa scheduling and the preparation of all if applicable Embassy
  15. GRP may charge fees above and beyond AHA’s Program Fees. GRP agrees they will not hide or conceal any fees and have disclosed all GRP fees to AHA and the candidate. Furthermore GRP agrees program fees must be transparent and will clearly outline AHA fees to candidate as well as the fees imposed by the GRP.
  16. GRP understands and agrees all participants in the J-1 program are required to purchase insurance through AHA’s preferred insurance vendor at Proof of insurance must be sent to AHA for each J-1 program participant prior to the issuance of the DS-2019 form.
  17. For all our international placements (non J-1) each company requires each candidate to have insurance in effect which covers a trainee/intern’s accident or illness during the period of time that a candidate participates in each of our programs.
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